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Three eccentric butterfly valve has a history of more than 50 years from the invention to now. In these 50 years, people have also been improving the three eccentric butterfly valves, which makes the application field of three eccentric butterfly valves more extensive. The original three eccentric butterfly valves are only used for the intercept and connection of water medium, and the three eccentric design strengthens the function of the butterfly valve. It has become one of the valves with excellent performance under the worst conditions of the key process environment.




这三个偏移的重组提供了一下锥形的全封闭面,最大限度地减少 热竞技竞猜APP阀座和密封件之间的破坏,加强 热竞技竞猜APP的利用寿命和密封性。另外,把优阀座面降低到最小,降低 热竞技竞猜APP的劳作转矩。

The three eccentric butterfly valve, as its name implies, three independent offsets are designed to be valves. Specifically, it refers to:

1) the center line of the sealing surface of the disc / seat.
2) the position of the axis of the axis relative to the hole;
3) the axis of the valve seat cone angle deviating from the center line of the valve hole.

The three offset combinations provide a conical seal face to minimize the wear between the three eccentric butterfly valve seats and the seals, and improve the life and sealing of the three eccentric butterfly valve. In addition, reduce the valve seat surface to the minimum and reduce the working torque of the three eccentric butterfly valve.


走向零泄漏封闭的金属座只有一次软阀座阀门。这将大幅度地扩大应用的可能。灵活的全封闭环和最佳的扭矩传输,这意味着这些阀门可以提供消防安全设计和密封性能,可以大于一般蝶阀设计的最大温度范围。 风上,可能会发现在很多行业生成石油和天然气加工、炼油、农田水利和石化厂、发电、台上平台、供热、造船、钢米尔斯、糖米尔斯、清水淡化、水处理和分配。他俩在总体行业中的使用增加了适度从紧的内阁法规和更大的生产急需驱使用户寻求解决方案。用量也节节攀升,已经存在了底数十年,特色提供了好多好的解决方案,包括那些具有更大的挑战。那些好处包括运营效率,耐磨料介质和面料到一定的温度或压力,并在很多之借鉴条件的多爆炸性。

Generally speaking, the three eccentric butterfly valve has better sealing performance and cost than other metal seated valve types. Because of its compact structure, the slewing design and lightweight structure are easy to install and operate, and they do not require tube support. The replaceable sealing ring allows for fast and simple maintenance and low torque (allowing smaller drives), which means more cost savings.

Two way zero leakage closed metal seat has only one soft seat valve. This will greatly expand the possibility of application. Flexible seal rings and optimal torque transmission, which means that these valves can provide fire safety design and sealing performance, which can be larger than the maximum temperature range of the general butterfly valve. Traditionally, oil and gas processing, oil refining, chemical and petrochemical plants, power generation, offshore platforms, heating, paper, steel Mills, sugar Mills, seawater desalination, water treatment and distribution may be found in a large number of industries. Their use in all industries has increased stringent government regulations and greater production demand, forcing users to seek solutions. Usage has also been climbing steadily for decades. The characteristics provide many good solutions, including those with greater challenges. These benefits include operational efficiency, wear-resistant materials and chemicals to a certain temperature or pressure, and versatile in many operating conditions.




Using the design features, the functions of the next generation design will further improve the safety and performance of the three eccentric butterfly valves.

1, the use of precision machined sealing surface and sealing ring to form metal to metal seal. Even in high temperature and high pressure and other harsh service environment, two-way seal and zero leakage can be achieved. The standard right angle conical design of low friction and streamline shape, metal can solve heat expansion and contraction of metal well, and it is an important feature of high temperature and high pressure environment service. Metal to metal seals are allowed to be used in oil fields with fire protection requirements.
2. The best seat cover design. The seat sealing surface is used to weld the Stellite hard alloy on the valve body. The seal face has longer life and better wear resistance, even if repeated cycle is used. The design of the sealing structure reduces friction with the butterfly plate and reduces the working torque.
3. Special valve seat design uses valve to automatically adjust valve seal. The floating seal ring and a wide sealing ring support gasket are more reliable by using sealing and opening and closing. This seat ensures that the valve has a two-way sealing feature.
4. The location pin of the valve is located at the very low position of the butterfly plate, allowing good thermal expansion performance and minimizing the disturbance of the stem. Therefore, the valve has a long service life.


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